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betternotstop: Road to Happiness: an overland fieldwork expedition through Europe, Russia and Asia

Details (as held in the RGS-IBG Expeditions Database at 8/24/2019 2:25:26 AM)
Country(s): Russia, Bhutan
Organisation: Anchor Events
Contact: Hannah Cox
Website: www.betternotstop.com
E Mail: hannah@betternotstop.com
Members: 2
Year: 2017
Start: 3/5/2017
End: 3/5/2018
Status: Planned
Location: London - Bhutan

The plan is to travel from UK to Bhutan covering Europe, Russia and Asia. This journey will take place through public transport overland. No air travel at all. The World Happiness Report 2016 documents Copenhagen as the happiest place on Earth. While Bhutan is a country that measures prosperity by gauging its citizens' happiness levels, not the GDP. By travelling point to point on our own 'betternotstop' adventure (Working title: Road to Happiness) We want to discover and document how between these two places we can create a happier world. Fieldwork is to be carried out on the subjective wellbeing of the cities, towns, villages and countries that we visit to be able to better suggest and create society policy ideas that support better lives. There is growing global interest in happiness and subjective well-being as primary indicators of the quality of human development.

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